Programs & Speakers - Alice Shumaker, November Program 

No Meeting - Veterans Day
Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country.
At precisely 11:11 A.M., each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun's rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States.
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Photograph by Mike Spinelli
The Anthem Veterans Memorial, located in Anthem, Arizona, is a monument dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States armed forces.
The pillar provides a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and those who want to show their respects to those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve the United States.
The memorial was designed by Anthem resident Renee Palmer-Jones.
The five marble pillars represent the five branches of the United States military.
They are staggered in size (from 17 feet to 6 feet) and ordered in accordance with the Department of Defense prescribed precedence, ranging from the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force and the United States Coast Guard.

Upcoming Programs/Speakers

Board Meeting, 11:30am 
Alice Shumaker and Carol Ebdon will talk about their recent trip to Hungary, Lithuania and Austria
Greeter/Invocator:  Alice Shumaker
11/27/17Serve Lunch at Salvation Army North Corp 11:00 am to 1:00pm.  Sign up at our Nov 20 meeting